Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors


Through dialogue with our shareholders and investors, we regularly and timely report your valuable opinions to our management.
And We strive to achieve sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term by using these opinions to improve our management.
We will continue our efforts to promote constructive dialogue.

IR Activities in FY2023


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Main themes of dialogue

・Regarding recent performance and future performance forecasts

 (For example)How we respond to cost increases caused by the external environment

・Our long-term business strategy and philosophy

・Our capital investment plans, progress, and future direction

・Our approach regarding the cost of shareholders' equity

・Initiatives for non-financial activities and the relationship between these initiatives and enhaning corporate value

Key points we incorporated through dialogue and subsequent feedback

・We have formulated and disclosed a long-term management strategy based on a long-term growth story.

・We have formulated and disclosed financial strategies such as cash flow allocation and dividend policy using DOE as an indicator.

・We have disclosed our strategies and ideas for realizing management that is conscious of shareholder capital costs and stock prices.

・We have disclosed an update on our strategy based on TCFD scenario analysis.